During the summer, CampMeds will provide the service of dispensing and pre-packaging campers’ medication in preparation for camp. All pills taken on a routine basis (including vitamins) will be individually packaged, sealed and sorted according to day and time of administration. Each individually sealed packet will be labeled with the camper’s name, medication(s), dosage, date and time to be given. Prescription pills that are taken “as needed” are packaged separately. If CampMeds is sent prescriptions for medication that is not in pill form (liquids, eye drops, etc), they will be dispensed accordingly and then sent directly to camp as well. Otherwise, please refer to camp policy as to how these medications are to be handled. All meds will arrive at camp several days prior to campers’ arrival.

To register you camper, please follow the steps below

  1. Register on www.CampMeds.com

  2. Note the Camper ID # you will receive when registered. Print out receipt at the end of registration.

  3. Obtain original prescriptions or electronic prescriptions prescribed for 30 days increments. Please write Camper ID # on top corner of prescriptions, or you may have your physician send the Rx’s via E-Script directly to our pharmacy partner that services your camp. You can find the CampMeds Pharmacy name on your registration receipt that you printed upon registering for CampMeds, or on the automated email you received at the end of registration.

  4. Write Camper ID # on top corner of prescriptions. *Do not send us medication, only the prescriptions.

  5. If your child attends over 30 days, prescriptions must have a refill. Unused meds are sent home from camp.

  6. For Controlled Substances: If your child is staying longer than 30 days, law requires a new prescription to be written for each 30 day supply. No refills and only 30 days worth of meds should be prescribed. In most instances, two separate 30 day prescriptions are required. Send all prescriptions together.

  7. Prescriptions are filled as written. It is your responsibility to confirm all prescriptions are written correctly; including exactly how and when your child takes the medication (daily or PRN), that the correct med is prescribed and the dosing is correct.

  8. Non-prescription meds/vitamins; physician's authorization or clear directions written by parent is required.

  9. Include a copy of both sides of your insurance/prescription card.

  10. Mail prescriptions, registration receipt and copy of insurance card directly to:
    PO Box 550698
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355-0698

Deadline for CampMeds receiving prescriptions is 30 days prior to your camper's start date. A late fee of $25 will be charged to your credit card if any of the items above are received after the deadline.

Please be aware that your credit card will be charged the shipping cost for any med change or if additional meds are ordered and sent to camp after your initial medication and/or refills have been sent.

The CampMed’s licensed pharmacy partner accepts most insurance plans. They will verify your insurance, and bill for prescription drugs. You are responsible for the co-payments and deductibles which will appear on your credit card statement during the summer months after your child returns home. ***All of your med charges will appear on your credit card from the Pharmacy. You are responsible to notify CampMeds of any changes to your credit card and/or insurance plan. If the pharmacy is not a provider for your plan, you will be notified and given the option to contact camp for alternative arrangements. Meds not covered by insurance will be charged to your credit card by the Pharmacy.

We look forward to packaging your campers' medication!!

Send the items to:
PO Box 550698
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33355-0698


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